Watch this Miracle of God as Pastor Alfredo shares how God healed his body
at a Morris Cerullo School of Ministry!

Deliverance and Healing in Entire Family!

Before I attended the School of Ministry in Dallas many years ago, I was far away from the Presence of God in my life. My son had been gambling, my family members were not saved, and I was going through an unbelievable pain that inhabited my body and affected my health. I was led to come to this conference, and I left an entirely new person in Christ Jesus. My son stopped gambling and my family members were being saved! I am so thankful that God revealed His awesome, supernatural victory over my life and on those whom I love.

– Claire, Canada

Couple Receives Dream House Already Built!

We had been searching for a home earlier this year. We attended the Dallas School of Ministry and it had been prophesied that if anyone was in the market for a new home to stop looking! Someone else had already built it. After the conference, we received a call from our real estate agent. She wanted us to look at a new house that was built. The owner decided that she didn’t want it. Praise God! This house was ours! We also got it for $20,000 less than the market value!

– Calvin and Val, Georgia

Now Walks in Divine Authority!

I first started coming to MCWE events in 2007. I had been going my own way, but through being connected to Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, I was drawn back to the Lord. I was encouraged by the prophetic word of Morris Cerullo that God has planned no defeats for me but only 100 percent victory. This built me up for the wilderness journey I was about to embark on: losing two jobs, involvement in an accident and lawsuit, house floods, conflict and rejection, and an attack by someone who choked me and threatened me with a knife. But, God made a way where there seemed to be no way. I came to your School of Ministry and have been greatly encouraged. I am learning to walk in “divine authority” as Brother Cerullo teaches, and am slowly recovering. I am hearing God’s voice directing me in the decisions of my life. Thank you, Brother Cerullo!

– Arlene

Healed from 10 Years of Infirmity!

I attended the Chicago School of Ministry and have been delivered from a spirit of infirmity. My shoulder, which had been badly damaged over 10 years ago, has been healed. Praise God! Thank you, Jesus!

– Cicely, United Kingdom

Blessed With Bigger and Better Ministry Building!

We were in a desperate situation in our ministry. We could no longer afford the church building we were in and needed a cheaper place. After two weeks of returning from the Chicago Labor Day Conference, where we received the great impartation of the anointing, the Lord blessed us with a glorious building that looks even more beautiful, and is bigger than the old one, and for less rent! Thank you to Papa and Mama and this great ministry!

– Marie, Ohio

Business Blessed!

I attended the Labor Day School of Ministry in August with an urgent prayer need. My business was not doing well and I wanted to keep from losing our building. I shared my prayer needs with partners at the conference and during early morning prayer. They came into agreement with me. I got back home and went straight to the office. I put the oil on the soles of my feet. The Lord dropped a Scripture in my spirit, Joshua 1:3, and said, “Just go around the building and anoint every single inch of it, that it is yours, that it belongs to you.” I walked around the building with the oil on the soles of my feet. I claimed the business and the property for the Lord. I knew it was settled. The money came in on time. The business is now stable.

– Olusola, United Kingdom

Dances, After 30 Years in a Wheelchair!

During the Morris Cerullo School of Ministry, I wheeled my wheelchair up to the front as the speaker (Steve Munsey) was prophesying. He had nine people with shofars come to the front to sound them at one time and said that when this happened, the word of the Lord was,anna-pennsylvania “Get up; it’s your time!” The shofars sounded and both Dr. Cerullo and Steve Munsey shouted at me, “Get up!” I got up out of my wheelchair and walked! I danced before the Lord! All glory to God! I had been crippled with arthritis for 30 years and could not walk, except with a walker. Now, I need only a cane and am believing for more strength in my spine so I can be totally free of any assistance.

– Olusola, United Kingdom

India Belongs to Jesus!

I was an evangelist and church planter in a dangerous part of India when I was invited to attend a Morris Cerullo Chicago School of Ministry for the first time in 2001. I came again in 2002, and each year thereafter. As a result of receiving the anointing imparted by Dr. Cerullo, there are miracles taking place in my ministry! Many Hindu leaders and followers have received Christ and their lives have been transformed. We now have 96 churches with a membership of 9,000, all of whom have been converted from other faiths, such as Hinduism and Islam.

–Satya, India

Broken Bones Restored!

My daughter and I were riding in my truck when we hit a semi-truck. My femur bones were shattered and my scalp opened up from between my eyes to the back of my head and down towards both ears. The doctors said I would probably never walk again. Friends brought me to the Dallas School of Ministry. There was no bone in my right leg and my left leg supported me only by the steel rods in it. I was unable to stand on my legs. A sister at the prayer meeting prayed for me. Later in the anointing line, Morris Cerullo yelled, “Get that thing out of here!” referring to my wheelchair. I never saw the wheelchair again and have walked ever since! Praise the Lord!

– Rosalie, Canada

Reaching God’s Heartbeat—SOULS!

Thanks Morris and Theresa Cerullo for your live conferences. They make me and others more hungry for God and thirsty to experience His power and glory. You have inspired me to “pay the price” to go after God’s heartbeat—SOULS. I am so grateful to God for my partnership with Him and with the ministry of Morris Cerullo. Truly this is the work of the Holy Spirit and not the work of a man.

– Lester, Illinois

No More Pain!

I was wearing a medical collar due to a fractured spine from a serious auto accident when I went to Morris Cerullo’s School of Ministry. Brother Cerullo saw me in the healing line and shouted, “Take off that collar! You are healed!” I took off the collar and could move my head and turn my neck without any pain, stiffness or other sign of injury. I am healed!

– Sheri, Texas

Transformation and Double Portion!

When I entered Morris Cerullo’s School of Ministry, I was full of doubt, stress, and confusion and was very discouraged. After this experience with God, I have been transformed with faith and courage to do what God has called me to do. I was delivered from the guilt and condemnation that had blocked me from my destiny, and I received a double portion of the Holy Ghost as well!

– Tirsa, Texas

God Imparted Fire and Power!

Dear Dr. Cerullo, I want to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a great blessing in my life at your School of Ministry. No words can express how grateful I am to both you and my God for the great experience I encountered! During the altar call, the anointing was so strong and powerful that I instantly received the fire and power that God was imparting through you. I want to become a regular partner with your ministry to reach the nations in return for what you have done for me. I am excited to see God move now more than ever.

– Rowena, Canada

Filled with Purpose and Destiny!

Dear Papa Cerullo, I have partnered with you for some time. Though I love receiving the newsletters and hearing about all of the awesome, great, and wonderful things that God is doing through your ministry, I had not been to a meeting in 15 years. Once again I was going to skip your Worldwide School of Ministry, but other partners persuaded me to go. Papa, let me tell you, I have not been blessed like this in so long, that even now as I write this letter, my heart is crying, “Abba Father.” I am so filled with purpose and destiny once again! Inside your meeting folder it said, “When you discover your vision you will know your destiny. I had been running from the calling of my Lord and Savior and really did not care about the consequences. But now, I am free – every chain broken, every hindrance put behind me. Hallelujah! Thank you, sir. I am going to stop right here because I could go on and on. See you next year in Orlando! Your son in the Gospel.

– Tommiell, Wisconsin

Tax Debt Paid-In-Full!

Upon leaving for your Worldwide School of Ministry in Chicago, the IRS had said that we owed a tax discrepancy of $3,000. When I returned home, I nervously opened up correspondence from the IRS. Praise God! The balance shown was $0.00. Praise God!

– Gerald & Sandina, Virginia

Severe Pain Removed!

Two of us came from the Philippines to Chicago sacrificially for the only purpose of attending the MCWE Legacy School of Ministry. I praise and thank God for the victory over Satan, my deliverance, and all the blessings we received there. From the first day to third day, I was feeling severe pain in my leg and limping. I cried to God, “I don’t want to be crippled. Don’t allow me to go home like this.” On the third night, we received the supernatural power and authority from God through His servant, Papa Cerullo. When I woke up, the pain was gone. Thank God! Glory to His Name! I thank Papa Cerullo for the privilege of attending the MCWE Legacy School of Ministry.

– Dominga, Philippines

Possession Rebuked!

At the Labor Day School of Ministry, I asked you to pray for my student who I felt was possessed and had been tormented for 18 years. After much prayer, I received word that he has been delivered and healed. He is also gradually getting off all of the medications that he was on. He is going to church, praying for people, and very sincere about following God. Praise the Lord!

– Dorothy, Alabama

Supernatural Provision and Reaching Nationals!

God supernaturally provided for me to attend Morris Cerullo’s Labor Day School of Ministry. Following this meeting, I started the School of Deliverance World Convention. I travelled to 12 nations that year, conducting the School of Deliverance programs in churches, public meetings, and on university campuses in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean.

-Dr. Pauline, United Kingdom

Nationals Trained through the School of Ministry!

In 1986, Papa and Mama Cerullo came to the Philippines for a crusade, and I was one of those who were trained in the School of Ministry. Now, my husband and I, together with our children, are serving the Lord in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I praise and thank God for the ministry of MCWE. I am one of the Nationals, reaching my fellow countrymen in America and in the Philippines. Glory to God!

– Grace, Virginia

Church Building Provided!

Our church was looking to purchase a building, but we were encountering many difficulties, setbacks and disappointments. We lost a lot of finances. At your School of Ministry, my husband and I decided to sow our $10,000 building fund in faith for a breakthrough. Within a week of our return, the bank signed us up for a loan. Two months later, we closed on our new church building.

– Pastor Cheryl, New York